Friday, 27 March 2015

We had a holiday

We have just got back from a holiday, the first for nearly 3 years. We spent a week in a cottage overlooking the West Somerset Preserved Railway line, the harbour and town of Watchet in Somerset and very nice it was too.

 We looked without any luck for fossils on Helwell beach
The cliff formations all around this part of the coast are like the above.

 To prove we were still vaguely fit we walked up Dunkery Beacon, 1,703 feet or 519 metres -slowly  - it's the highest point on Exmoor. Last climbed by us in 2004.
with views inland to Dartmoor and out to sea too, shame it was a bit misty.
No Purple Heather yet

I dragged Col ( not quite kicking and screaming) to the Clarkes Village shopping outlet place in Street because, even if  we normally avoid all activities that require good clothes, when you have a daughter getting married  you have to have something decent to wear. We are both now sorted and he agreed that it was much easier than going shopping in Ipswich. I resisted the temptations of the Le Creuset  and Denby outlets and also avoided the Cadbury's,Thorntons and Lindt shops. I know........ how virtuous!....... you can almost see the halo!

We walked around the medieval village of Dunster, over the old packhorse bridge
(Once a Bridge Inspector, always a Bridge Inspector!)
 and into the Yarn Market

The West Somerset Preserved Railway had a special Steam Gala on Thursday so Col turned into a train spotter, going in and out to see them passing by.
And then we came home again.
Next holiday in about another 3 years?
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Back in a short while


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