Sunday, 29 March 2015

A picture to cheer me up

We returned from our holiday to find a few signs of spring in the garden. The 2 gooseberry bushes which are always ahead of the others have a few leaves starting to show. Worryingly the apricot trees have some blossom unfurling, I say worryingly because today we have had really strong winds, heavy rain and sleet with just a few bits of sunshine in between. The weather has to be perfect for apricots blossom to set and it's definitely NOT perfect. Still no sign of asparagus and the rhubarb is only a fraction taller than it was a week ago. BUT almost worst of all, the tomato, aubergine and pepper seedlings in the conservatory haven't grown a bit, just sitting there with their two seed leaves. I decided to pot them on anyway and   the temperature on the little heater we have in there has been increased, I need fingers crossed that they do something fairly soon.

I've been going back to old blogs and deleting lots of photos because I know there is some sort of limit on how many you can have on your blog before you have to start paying and came across this photo from May 2013.  I'm sharing it again to remind me what our garden will look like if ever spring arrives and we start growing outside.

Back very soon


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