Thursday, 13 June 2013

The joys of owning a small campsite.

We meet all sorts of  people who come to our campsite. Some like to chat about the area, the weather or the chickens, others just  say Hello, most are happy to be on holiday, some seem to find holidays difficult. Lots come back every year, some have become friends. We try to be cheerful with everyone. But sometimes I wonder how we do it.
Here is something that happened this week -
 Monday, Phone rings, A lady would like to come to the site  on Thursday for the weekend. Yes that's fine says I, write down details, answer questions re price, facilities etc. Say goodbye and see you next Thursday.
10 minutes later phone rings. Same lady - forgot to ask if it's OK to bring dog. Yes, no problem says I we have lots of footpaths close by for dog walking and  dogs are welcome.
Hour later phone rings. Same lady - Would it be OK to have a parcel delivered to us for her to collect as there is something she needs. Yes says I- no problem, just put" care of" our address and we will look out for it and keep it safe for her.
Hour later phone rings. Same lady - She has ordered the required thing and it will be posted to us, it should arrive by Thursday, please could we look out for it and keep it for her. Yes of course says I, No problem, I'm sure it will arrive on time. See you Thursday.
Tuesday evening, phone rings. Same lady - she has looked on OS map and now realises we have pylons close to site. Not sure if it will be suitable for her as she is sensitive to Electrical things close by.
Husband answers-  Says, that's fine, the pylons are on adjoining field, the cables are not  very near site and we can put her caravan furthest away behind the hedge or if she would rather not come no problem to cancel booking. She says perhaps she will book another site just in case she feels pylons are too close.
This morning phone rings. Same Lady- She says she has been thinking about it and  the cables will be too close to the campsite. So she is staying at  another site nearby.
 That's OK says I, no problem, thank you for letting us know and your  parcel has arrived safely, so don't forget to call in and collect. She says she will call in tomorrow morning.Sorry says I, but I will be in and out a couple of times tomorrow morning and could she call this afternoon or tomorrow  afternoon instead. Well, not very convenient says she but suppose she could re- arrange her plans for tomorrow!
Ok says I, We will be here all afternoon so we will see you then.
Hour later phone rings. Same lady-  Could I leave parcel out for her somewhere safe?
Not really says I, would rather keep it indoors and pass it to her directly. She says she will rearrange her plans and call in tomorrow afternoon as previously arranged. OK says I, we will see you tomorrow afternoon.
I'm so looking forward to seeing this lady and smiling and saying yes it was no problem to keep her parcel for her and I hope she has a nice holiday in the area!

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