Thursday, 7 August 2014

My Tree in August and not much else.

A very quiet day here on the smallholding. We had sunshine then rain and then sunshine again. C worked at our neighbours- more hedge trimming, here doing various odd jobs and also went to collect feed. I just pootled around here, housework, scotch eggs and trying to get a book finished before the library van comes tomorrow. The only excitement was finding a cauliflower ready!

Here's the pink Horse Chestnut in August. It's leaves are darker green, one or two brown patches on some leaves probably due to lack of rain over the last few weeks. As I said last month very few of the lovely flowers turn into conkers. I can only spy about a dozen or so over the whole tree, they're still quite small,  so you really can't call this type of Chestnut a Conker Tree and it would be very disappointing for small boys wanting to take part in a conker match.

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